Band’s History

You know how you experiment with all these different kinds of things when you are in a college? We do know that for a fact. To give you an example, the range of genres our band members delved into during their college years (2001-2005) ranged from alternative rock, blues rock, hard rock, heavy metal, jazz and country-pop music to minimal techno.

But eventually, immediately following the graduation, we all joined forces to form the StereoForce band back in 2006.

Who We Are

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First Two Albums (2007-2010)

The first half of our band’s history was a bit messy, with our very first, debut album becoming a critically and publicly acclaimed hit, and the second one becoming a flop.

However, these experiments and the roller-coaster ride has made us whom we are today!

Next Two Albums (2013-2016)

Starting with our 3rd album we’ve decided to go back to our roots and carry on with the alternative blues-rock we’ve been all about initially.

1.22 Million


64 Songs


10 Years

on the stage

The Vision

Initially a blues-rock band at our core, we’ve gone through some remarkable transformations and genre-searching experiments throughout our career.

Eventually, we’ve come to notice a few things about our music – it literally reflects what kind of a mood or life situation either of us was at the time of its recording.

We want to share these moments with you!

David Froster

David Froster

Singer/Lead Guita

Strangely enough, initially Dave has tried to pursue a career of a drummer, even being a part of the “Take Me to the Oakland” alt-rock band (2002-2004). But despite such a detour right at the beginning of his career, soon enough he recognized that his true allegiance and passion lie to playing the lead guitar and being the lead singer. So, right after his college graduation he and his collegemates Mary and Albert has decided to form their own band. 10 years and more than 1 million album sales later the band still rocks on!

Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop

Bass Guitar/Back Vocal

While Mary was initially an aspiring lead singer, as her music career progressed on and as she left the “Good Old Britain” band she was a part of at college after 3 years in, she decided to join forces with Dave and Alby. Ultimately, this trio formed a new band – the StereoForce, which Mary became a vital part of. Besides playing the bass for all of their tracks, she also co-penned such hit singles as “Keep the Roll”, “Picking the Cherries” and “Wandering Though Lower Manhattan”. She is also Dave’s wife.

Albert Wannabe

Albert Wannabe


When a man like Albert starts to turn the heat on and work the drums with everything he has, the music gets loud. This was never an issue for him, however, as before becoming a part of the StereoForce he’s played drums for numerous college hard rock bands, including the now-famous band called “Kiss of a Dragon”. But eventually his tastes changed a bit and he chose our blues-rock and alt-rock band instead. Great decision, Albert and keep up all the good work! Also, Albert wrote such songs as “Certainly” and “Evergreen”.

Liven up Your Event!

If we’ve learned one thing from our long history as a music band, it’s that making feel happy and keeping them entertained matters! Let us liven up your event!